• We are experienced in Magento development, B2C shops and B2B platforms, UI design, scaling online sales, building custom functions and ERP system integrations (e.g. SAP BO)

Let's develop your online sales together

We’ve helped numerous online B2C and B2B stores for the last 10 years. Our customers can count on developing their sales and scaling their revenue thanks to our extensive experience. We transfer all of our known best practices to our clients – we know how to systematically increase your sales and all of our suggestions are backed by real-world statistics.

Multi-language support

Integrated multi-language support and displaying products for different countries

Various modules

Thousands of modules readily available to be installed on your shop

Numerous integrations

Integrations with auction portals, payment gateways, courier services, price comparison engines and e-marketing solutions.

Omnichannel marketing

Modern e-marketing tools integrated with your online store

Graphic layout

Custom layouts for online stores or adapting existing Magento layouts.

Mobile devices

Your shop is adapted for mobile resolutions on many devices through the usage of responsive technologies

Full-service e-commerce

We can provide you with a full range of e-commerce services. Thanks to our Magento expertise we know how to develop your store, maintain it, increase your sales and introduce new customers through performance marketing. With us, your online sales will soar and your investment will pay for itself many times over.

Magento w Google

Magento hosting

We provide fast hosting for Magento stores. Our services include server configuration, SSL certificate’s installation and management of your Magento environment. We can also analyze your current environment to see if it can be improved.

Wsparcie Magento

Management and development

The management of your store includes day-to-day programming work, technical support in case of bugs and admin panel configuration. What’s more, we will scale your sales, introduce newest trends in your design and advise where to best invest in your e-commerce store.

Our clients

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